HP3000 Encyption

The HP3000 CC Encryption product allows users of Ecometry to keep credit card data encrypted in the HP3000 database without any changes required to the Ecometry software. In addition an API is available that allows any HP3000 software to use encryption.


 Ecometry database entry with Card Encrypted



  • Transparent to Ecometry users.  No changes on the Ecometry screens or reports
  • Strong Encryption.  Uses AES256 technology
  • Exteernal tools such as query and Suprtool will only show ecrypted data
  • Conversion program that will encrypt all of history
  • Separate API that enables other software on the HP to use encryption
  • Helps with PCI requirements
  • Minimal impact on system performance
  • Key rotation
  • Allows for double entry of encryption key (requires two people)
  • Flat file encryption program available separately
  • etc


The approach taken with this product is to intercept the database calls and watch for credit cards being stored or retrieved. If a CC is being stored it’s encrypted and if it’s being retrieved it’s decrypted. This process is only executed for programs running in the Ecometry environment. In order for a program to successfully retrieve the credit card number it must be run using the correct XL’s in the correct order.

Key Management

By default the Encryption key is not stored anywhere. The key is calculated using a proprietary algorithm and every credit card stored is stored with a different key. This makes administration easy and very secure. Should you wish to set your own encryption key you can do so by using the key manager program. The encryption key stored in a binary form in the code base.

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